Asian American Psychology

Reaction Paper Guidelines

A good reaction will make linkages across at least two of the readings, offer critical feedback, and/or relate the readings to previous class topics. The paragraph should not simply be a summary of the readings but should take a perspective on what the author is saying.

A check plus reaction will:
* Say something novel (not just repeat what the author says)
* Compare across at least two readings, at least one of which is a psychology article (i.e., assigned for Thursday)
* Be free of grammatical/spelling mistakes
* Offer an opinion, with support for that opinion

A reaction will get a check if it accomplishes three out of four of the above and will receive a check minus if two or fewer are met.

Deadlines: Reaction paragraphs will be due each Thursday by 10 am. The dropbox closes EXACTLY at 10 am, so submit early! Late reactions will not be accepted.