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Site Map

The Web site is divided into three main sections corresponding to the three levels of the Language Structure track. Each level has its own start page. (There are links to these main pages in the 'menu' to the right.) From these start pages, you can go on to pages related to your course as well as the rest of site.

Here are the other sections of the site.

Vocabulary Introduction (Course Specific)
From this page you can go on to pages related to vocabulary study.

Vocabulary Explorer (Course Specific)
This is where you can see example uses of the words in your course lists. Use this page to learn more about how the words are used as well as common collocations.

Vocabulary Exercises (Course Specific)
This is where you can practice what you have learned by trying some of the interactive exercises.

Language Structure Exercises and Resources
Here you will find a list of resources and interactive exercises on English Language structure (Grammar and Vocabulary).

'Can I Say?'
This is where you can browse a list of questions and answers about English. For example, what is the difference between during and while?

Links and Resources
On this page you will find general information about studying Academic English at the University of Washington and links to outside sites that may be of interest.

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