Guidelines for Writing Position Papers:

Outline your topic and your response in the first paragraph (this means giving your answer in brief, probably as the last line of the first paragraph). This sentence will generally represent what you see as the root of the question, for example: "Although market and price incentives appear attractive, the principle is only applicable to a few environmental problems that share some common characteristics."

If there are multiple questions to choose from in an assignment, choose one and state your choice clearly.

Spend most of the 2-3 pages explaining and supporting your position, acknowledging other positions, explaining why you don't subscribe to these. Acknowledging other positions in a reasoned manner is crucial.

Acknowledge your sources, cite them, give them credit.

Write this to a general audience who may or may not agree with you. You may know that your teacher agree with you, but that is not the point.

Finally, give a brief summation at the end, restating your final answer, conclusion.

Keep it simple.

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