This is a participatory seminar!
Students, postdocs, faculty all present their own work
and/or papers from the literature.

Remember the important questions:


Everyone should read the papers for weeks in which we read a journal article. If the paper is available electronically, we will provide the reference, and you may download your own copy from the healthlinks web site, or through the UW e-journals page.

If the paper is not available electronically, the discussion leaders should make 2 copies, and should put one copy in each of the stat mailbox and the biostat 580B homework folder, preferably a week ahead of time. The stat mailbox is in the mail room in statistics; the biostat 580B homework folder is in the top left drawer underneath the biostat mailboxes in a folder to the far left as you face the mailboxes. Others should then make their copies from one of these two copies.

Discussion leaders are only expected to spend 20-30 minutes (jointly) presenting the assigned paper(s). If you don't understand everything, focus on what you can, and try to think about what is important about the papers, and what open questions you are left with. KEEP THE NUMBER OF PREPARED SLIDES TO A SMALL NUMBER (AROUND 6), TO ENCOURAGE DISCUSSION. It is also fine to simply use the chalk board!

A few additional comments on the history of the seminar and on goals and guidelines are here