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(Section A, Fall 2009) - Functions, Models, and Quantitative Reasoning

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Dr. Carol Zander  
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Explores the concept of a mathematical function and its applications. Explores real world examples and problems to enable students to create mathematical models that help them understand the world in which they live. Each idea will be represented symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally. Prerequisite: sufficient score on UWB Math Assessment.

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    Workshops are provided to help refresh your algebra and trigonometry:
        Algebra:   Monday, Oct. 5th 11:00-12:00, UW2-040
        Trigonometry:   Thursday, Oct. 8th 4:30-5:30, UW2-131

    Contact the QSC to reserve a spot in the workshop by going to the QSC in UW2-134, or email, or call 425-352-3170. Information on the workshops is found at       QSC Workshops