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curl of the wave
... the knowledge to explore,
interact with, and live in a
society that depends on new
waves of information

Fluency with Information Technology (FIT) is the knowledge to explore, interact with, and live in a society that has become more and more dependent not just on technology in general, but on information technology (IT) in particular. As technology advances, so too must its users adapt in order to harness the skills necessary to employ IT to their advantage. By becoming a FIT individual, you are better able to apply today's information technology effectively in your personal and professional life, and to adapt it to personally relevant goals.

Gaining technical skills, or technical literacy, is only the first BENEFIT of your journey towards fluency. BENEFIT goes beyond literacy to provide the additional concepts and capabilities that will allow you to ride the wave of ever-changing technology.

  • Video demos help you get started
  • Quizzes provide informative feedback
  • My Progress Page helps you track your progress and stay on track
  • An Acknowledgement of Completion is earned for satisfactory completion of each unit and the whole course
  • Enhanced Flash videos and animations highlight key concepts
  • Improved course navigation makes it easy to find your way through these rich course materials

The recently updated BENEFIT course provides convenient online self-study without the guidance of an instructor and is offered tuition-free for the BENEFIT of everyone.

Successful completion of the BENEFIT course will provide you with a command of three essential areas of IT knowledge:

  • Skills: using software applications, such as searching the Web for information or changing an image with a graphics program
  • Concepts: understanding basic devices and modes of operation, such as a graphical user interface or the transfer of files and images over networks
  • Capabilities: thinking skills, such as troubleshooting problems or testing IT solutions

More importantly, these three kinds of knowledge will aid you in becoming a lifelong learner of IT, able to keep pace with rapid changes in the IT field.

In addition to gaining skills, concepts, and capabilities, you can earn an Acknowledgement of Completion upon successful completion of the course.

NetPoint Video

"Perspectives on FITness: Fluency Essentials"

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