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Chem142 Lecture Notes
Chemistry 142: Fall, 2011 Introductory Chemistry: Stoichiometry

Lecture Notes

9/26 (1) Classes Not Started
Overview of Chemistry 142; Measurement
Chapter 2A Atomic Structure and Laboratory Info
10/3 (2) Chapter 2B and ALEKS
Conclude Introductory Material
Chapter 3A   Stoichiometry and atomic mass
10/10 (3) Chapter 3B  Balancing Reactions
Ch 3C  Reactions
Reactions in WaterMolarity
10/17 (4) Ch4B Salts Precipitate,  Acids React
Ch4C RedOx Reactions
Ideal Gasses Lec5A
10/24 (5) First Exam Version A  and Version B
Ideal Gasses Lec5B
Chemical Reactions and Equilibrium Lec6A
10/31 (6) Stoichiometry and Equilibrium
Reaction Strategies Lec6C
LeChatelier's Principle  Lec6D
11/7 (7) Equilibrium  Details   Lec6E
Sparingly Soluble Salts,   Lec8E
Veterans Day, University Holiday
11/14 (8) Acids (and Bases) Lec7A
Acids in Water  Lec7B
pH of many acids and salt Lec7C
11/21 (9) Second Exam
Lecture Ch5c Kinetic Theory of Gasses and Atmospheric Chemistry
Thanksgiving Holiday
11/28 (10) Charge Balance Expression Lec7D
Multiple Acids and Diprotics  Lec7E
Buffers (Part A) Lec8A
12/5 (11) Buffers Lec8B
Titration  Lec8C
Final: Monday 12/12/2011 4:30 to 6:20 in Kane 120
Histogram of final grades