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Chem 452 Lecture Notes
Chemistry 452: Autumn, 2012 Physical Biochemistry

Lecture Notes

9/24 (1) Thermodynamics and Mechanics.  A Review
Mathematics of Thermodynamics
Follow the Energy
Guest Lecture by Gary Drobny
Energy and Work
Reversible and Irreversible Work
10/1 (2) Thermodynamics of a Spring and Work The Ideal Gas in a box and work The first laws and state functions 
10/8 (3) Beyond the Ideal Gas Lecture
Adiabatic Processes
Energy in Chemical Changes
10/15 (4) Wrap up and Review
First Exam
Calorimetry and Chemical Reactions Lecture
10/22 (5) Entropy and Heat Engines Lecture
Examples of Entropy; Lecture
Combining The First Two Laws Lecture
10/29 (6)   The Chemical Potential Lecture
11/5 (7) Chemical Equilibrium: Reactions
11/12 (8) No Class: Veterans Day
Second Exam
The Global Carbon Cycle
11/19 (9) Phase Diagrams Lecture
  No Class: Thanksgiving Holiday
11/26 (10) Two Component Systems Lecture
Examples of Diving and Osmotic Pressure Lecture
12/3 (11)   The ElectroChemical Potential Lecture
Final: Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012 2:30-4:20 p.m.