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Chem 455, Homework Assignments
Chemistry 455: Spring, 2007 Quantum Mechanics

Homework Assignments

See information about the Computational Chemistry course.

3/26 (1) Problems   Z:12  P 5, 10,17, 26 (Due Thurs)

Problems  Z 12: Problems 30, 32, 34, 36b (Significance?), 42, 50f,g,h (due Monday)

4/2 (2) Problems Z12: 62(abc), 66(a-d,g), 78;  Z13: 3, 12 (due Thurs)
   Problems  Z:13  20;  Z:14  5, 13(c,d,e,f,h,k), 15 (due Monday)  Z:13:20 is about isoelectronic atoms
Review Exam  (Zumdahl Material)  
4/9 (3) Problems  Summarize the types of spectroscopy; classical mechanics; 
Problems Light and the Photoelectric Effect
Light, Operators,  The Light Equation, the Schrodinger equation.  Summary of  Problems from Chapter 12 and 13.
4/16 (4) Problems:  Ch 13 (or 2)  P13.18,  P13.21, P13.29
  Due Thursday
Problems for Chapter 14 (or 3) due Monday.  The Postulates 
Conclude Measurement Disucssion.  Cover Chapter 14 (or 3) on The Postulates.
4/23 (5) Chapter 15 (or 4)  The QM particle in free space and the QM particle in a box.  The exam Friday covers through the particle in a box.  Important Questions in Chapter 15 (or 4):  Question 1-9,  Problems 1-4 for particle in free space, and Problems 5-15 for particle in the box.  Problems due Friday.
Front page of first exam; let me know if there are addtions, I'll see about adding them.  Exam:  First Hourly Exam
4/30 (6) Problems due Friday  <-New..  Help with the momentum motion.
Problems due next  Tuesday Week 6 Interested in doing the Demo for Dynamics in a Box (with Matlab, if you have it)
Demo for eigenvalues for particle in a box with finite potential.
5/7 (7) Begin Spectroscopy (and the Harmonic Oscillator)
Problem for this week, Due Friday
Harmonic Oscillator Problems.  Due Tuesday 
5/14 (8) Angular Momentum Problems (Due Thursday) 8:2 Homework Due Monday
5/21 (9) Problems Due Friday
Review Questions for Exam Friday
Cover Page for Second Exam
Exam:  Second Hourly Exam Answers
5/28 (10)
Memorial Day
No Class
Final info before final exam. 
Do these problems for the final exam.
 Final Lecture:  Why do molecules form?  Examine your grades, two parts
Final: Tuesday, June 5, 2007 8:30-10:20 AM

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