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Dalton-Robinson Research Group
Robinson-Dalton Research Group
[back] Jinsheng Song, Lewis Johnson, Andreas Tillack, Larry Dalton, Bruce Robinson, Peter Johnston
[front] Delwin Elder, Kerry Garrett, Ilya Kosilkin, Nathan Sylvain, Meghana Rawal
Name Interests

Dr. Bruce Eichinger
  Research Professor

Bruce has done the quantum calculations needed to determine the optimum optical properties of the organic chromophores made by the Dalton and Jen groups. He has recently retired (September 2012), but is still available to consult on projects.

Lewis Johnson

Lewis had been a graduate student in the group since 2008, and received his Ph.D. (June 2012) and is now a post doc in the group. He will be leaving for a faculty position at Pomona College (his Alma Mater) for one year. Lewis has developed Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics programs to analyze the molecular interactions of organic nonlinear optical chromophores. He has also used quantum mechanical codes to understand the optical properties of the chromophores.

Andreas Tillack
  Graduate Student

Andreas came to the University from Berlin in 2008. After three years as a graduate student in the Ginger group, Andreas joined our group and has been developing very general Monte Carlo methods to describe molecular order under poling fields of the chromophores made by the Dalton group.

Kerry Garrett
  Graduate Student

Kerry came to UW from Eastern Washington and is a graduate student in our group. She is using the quantum mechanical codes to develop better approaches to determining the optical properties of various organic chromophores, and participating in designing better chromophores.