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BIO A 450, Spring 2009
Biodemography Seminar

Instructor: Kathleen O'Connor

Office: Denny Hall 420
Office Hours: T Th 12-1 or by appt
Telephone: 206-543-9605

Meeting Times and Locations

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:20
Denny Hall 314


You might be interested in some of the demography talks given as part of the CSDE (Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology) Seminar Series.


Our very own Benjamin Hanowell is the organizer of this year's BAR (Breadth in Anthropological Research) Conference.

The theme this year is "Community Health: Past, Present and Future."

Graduate students in the department of anthropology organize and participate in this conference. This year's event is on Friday April 17, in the Burke Museum. For more information, and a list of presentations and abstracts, visit this link.


News article on Caloric Restriction:

Link to New York Times article: One for the Ages: A Prescription that may Extend Life (UW Net ID required I think)

For current population statistics, see the 2008 World Population Data Sheet, and the 2008 Population Highlights. These are publications by the Population Reference Bureau.

Demography in the News

China's sex ratio at birth in 2005 was 118 boys per 100 girls. Implications: in 15 years China will be short 30 million brides. Read more about it.

Effects of Economic Depression on Mortality and Fertility