Bone Disease in patients with cystic fibrosis

These are some illustrations from a talk given to our cystic fibrosis group on April 24, 1998. The presentation will need some revising for the Web, but here it is for now:

This is a review of published literature that reports spinal bone density in either T or Z scores. In young adults the T scores are the same as Z scores so I substituted them.


Patients with cystic fibrosis
11 Adult lung tx -2.50
20 adult lung tx -2.14
16 adults -1.40
10 adults -1.47
70 adults -2.40
22 adults -2.80
49 adults and children -1.74
31 adults and children -1.00
62 children -1.30
28 girls QCT -0.31
29 boys QCT -0.97

Fracture rates in CF patients Fracture locations in CF patients Vitamin D in CF patients

in patients with cystic fibrosis			
	of vitamin D		
	of calcium	(.118 in normals	
		.090 CF without enzymes	
		.110 CF with enzymes)	
	of general nutrients		
Low Vitamin D levels			
	also depends on sun exposure		
	measure 25 OH instead of 1,25(OH)2 unless:		
	 	renal failure	
		ketoconazole (can reduce 1,25)	
		unexplained calcium abnormalities
	high incidence in adult patients	
	usually hypogonadotrophic	
Respiratory acidosis		
Cytokines from chronic infections		

in patients with cystic fibrosis			
	Nutritional support		
	Especially calcium		
	Try calcium citrate		
Low Vitamin D levels			
	Replace with 800-1000 units/day or more		
	follow 25 OH vitamin D levels		
	Give teens and women estrogen if needed		
	Avoid depo-provera		
	Give males testosterone		
	Encourage exercise	
Respiratory acidosis - treat		
Cytokines from chronic infections - treat		
Use corticosteroids only when necessary		
	In some cases may use calcitonin to mitigate effects	
	But there MUST be adequate calcium/vitamin D	
Consider growth hormone 		
Growth hormone in CF patients
in patients with cystic fibrosis			
Etidronate (Didronel)			
Pamidronate (Aredia)			
Alendronate (Fosamax)			
May cause osteomalacia			
	Patients with C.F. already prone to this		
May inhibit primary modeling of growing bone			
Safety in children not established			
	only reported in a few cases
	should do bone biopsies if done on research basis	
Half-life in bone is >10 years! 			
Poor absorption in normals		
	probably worse in C.F.	


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