BMD interpretation mistakes - case 9

hip BMD
First scan 12/2/97
hip BMD
Second scan 4/20/99
T-score Z-scoreREGION BMD
T-score Z-score
L1-4 .748 -3.60 -2.26L1-4 .644 -3.66 -2.62

REPORT: (for the second scan):
Bone density was measured at L1 through L4. The patient's bone density is compared to young normal and age and sex matched individuals and to Lunar done 12/97. Osteoporosis is indicated at L1, L2, L3 and L4 with 61%, 58%, 62% and 64% bone density respectively of young normals. This corresponds to an average fall of 10% from previous study.
IMPRESSION: Osteoporosis is noted at the lumbar spine with a fall of 10% from 1997.

On the basis of this report, the patient's physician told her to double her alendronate from 10 to 20 mg/day.

Updated 8/8/05