BMD interpretation mistakes - case 13

This is a followup study on this 47-year-old woman who has low FSH levels (she had a hysterectomy for fibroids). She had an ankle fracture at age 40 and briefly took prednisone five years ago for arthritis. She was treated with calcitonin.

Site Density T-score Z-score
Lumbar Spine 0.794 g/cm2 -2.30 -1.73
Total hip 0.801 g/cm2 -1.16 -0.79

Since the scan two years previously, "there has been a significant loss of 4% in the lumbar spine and an insignificant improvement of 0.6% in the right total hip."

"At this T score there is a seven-fold increased relative risk of a spine fracture and a three-fold increased relative risk of a hip fracture compared to an age-matched control with normal bone mineral density."

As a result of this bone density, this woman was started on alendronate.

Updated 8/8/05