Author Date Comments
Messa 98 81 pts, those with high PTH a year post tx had hx longer time on HD and higher pre-tx PTH levels; some relationship to VDR genotypes seen
D'Alessandro 89 between '81&'87 tx in 1025 pts, 819 survived, 1.8% had PTX mean time 18 mo post tx; 29% had hypercalcemia, of those 25% persisted longer than 7 yrs
Leunissen 86 2 pts with posttransplant high PTH treated with po pamidronate and improved, PTH also fell
Vezzoli 86 xs study of pts 4 yrs post tx found high iCa in 66%
Cundy 83 pros obs of 100 pts for 2 yrs, 36% developed high calcium, mean onset 148 days, assoc with longer time on dialysis and high PTH
Memmos 82 report their series of PTX
McCarron 80 PTH-calcium curves in tx pts show higher baseline but similar shape, suggeting hyperplasia as mechanism
David 73 reviewed 64 pts who had successful renal tx, 34% hypercalcemia, 86% within the first year, persisited in 8 of them, all with high PTH. Also more pre-tx metastatic calcif.
Alfrey 68 17 pts, hypercalcemia in 9, resolved, bone xrays got better
Briner 95 20 pts, Al 48% to 11% 2 yrs post tx
David-Neto 93 11 pts with Al, all improved, necrosis in 6, bxs showed decreased osteoid and al surface, increased bone formation
Davenport 93 38 pts followed prospectively who didnt need transfusions; aluminum decreased and hemoglobin increased; Hb incrase greater in those not given al antacids.
Betolone 93 20 pts aluminum in bone 63 to 36 mcg/kg; bxs decreased osteoid (but none adynamic in the first place)
Dahl 92 Al decreased in bxs pre and post tx in PTX as well as non-PTX pts. Poor reasoning about relation of Al to PTX!
Nordal 92 pros bxs in 55 pts; 10/55 had hypercalcemia; no AVN on standard xrays, cortical thick. decreased, BV same, BFR increased, Al stain decr
Piraino 88 case report - got better post tx
Nordal 88 suggest Al helps rejection, bad statistics
Lausten 98 xs study 750 pts, AVN 11.2% in high-dose steroids, average 26 mo p tx, and only 5% in low-dose steroids average 20 mo
Holman 95 J Rheumatol from UW - find
Siddiqui 93 some asymptomatic pts with pos MRI resolve; pros study of 72 pts x2yrs, 10 hips nl scan, abn MRI which resolved in 6, no sx; 13 scan abn, MRI nl, resolved in 8; 3 pts had sx and both studies pos
Fordyce 93 32 pts, 3 had pos MRI but no sx, one later got sx
Churchill 91 29 pts with stage 3 or 4 AVN, mean onset of sx 33 mo post tx, by 3 yrs 60% of hips needed surgery, by 5 yrs 80%
Kopecky 91 104 pts, pros x 24 mo, 10 developed MRI pos, 4 of them developed pain. Xrays pos in the 4 with sx.
Patton 88 444 pts, 16% got AVN sx, related to steroid dose
Landmann 87 AVN in 15/174 pre cyclosporin, 1/96 post
Spencer 83 bone scans showed AVN in 8/42 pts, 7 became symptomatic
Nixon 79 AVN in 14 of 181 within 4 yrs.
Ibels 78 40/184, 21% had symptomatic AVN, 15 of them had surgery
Tan 96 KI article - find
Barden 95 14 pts tx after ?10 yrs HD, articular sx better in 10, still had amyloid deposits and subchondral bone erosions
Jadoul 89 amyloid pain improved post tx, maybe due to steroids, no new cysts for 4 yrs but no regression either