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CFR 522

Plant-Microbe Interactions

Seminar Class for graduate students and upper division undergraduates

Winter Quarter 2015

Course and Learning Objectives

The students will learn about the current research in plant-microbe interactions. Microbes are often essential for plant growth, providing fixed nitrogen, pathogen resistance, and increased tolerance to stress. Other microbes can cause plant diseases. The students will learn about this important field of research from those currently doing the research.

The educational goals of this course are to increase awareness of the variety of symbiotic relationships between plants and microbes. Another goal of the course is to encourage interaction between graduate students in the Departments of Microbiology, Biology, and the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences.

Grading and Credit

This course is graded (CR/NC) based on a short paper about a specific aspect of plant-microbe interactions (topic chosen by the student and approved by Dr. Doty). In addition, students will be expected to participate in the seminar discussions and attend at least 8 out of 10 of the seminars.

Weekly Topics: Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:20

Topics will be covered by faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research scientists. Below is a draft schedule  

Jan 7: “N fixation in non-legumes- Implications for Agriculture and Bioenergy” - Prof. Doty

Jan 14:Endophyte-assisted phytoremediation- Dr. Zareen Khan

Jan 21: Mycorrhizal diversity in PNW forests- Prof. Erica Cline (UW-Tacoma)

Jan 28: Prof. Tom DeLuca (title TBA)

Feb 4: “Fungal endophytes for plant stress tolerance”- Dr. Rodriguez

Feb 11: "Phytophthora"- Prof. Marianne Elliot (WSU)

Feb 18: Sudarshanee Geekiyanage (Visiting Scientist from Sri Lanka) Title TBA

Feb 25: "Orphan LuxR Regulators in Plant-Associated Proteobacteria"- Dr. Amy Schaefer

Mar 4: "Interactions between plant-associated microbes"-Dr. Brook Peterson

Mar 11: TBA


Seminars organized by Associate Professor Sharon L. Doty

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