The Virtual Dog Laboratory

Self-evaluation Lab

Test Control Unknown Drug(s)
ACh down flat
CARB down down
CO up down
DMPP up down
EPI up down
HIST down down
ISO down down
McN up flat
NE up flat
PHE up flat
PILO down flat
TYR up flat
VS down flat

Question 1

One of the following drugs, or drug combinations, produces the results shown in the table. Try to select the 'unknown' pretreatment from the list below by checking the circle next to it. Then click on the submit button.

A. phentolamine
B. atropine & phenoxybenzamine & reserpine
C. atropine & phenoxybenzamine
D. phentolamine & trimethaphan
E. phenoxybenzamine & propranolol & trimethaphan