Villarrica and Puerto Montt

We have reservations at the Ruka de Afunalhue in Villarrica, arriving on Sunday, September 7, and leaving on Thursday, September 11.  Here is our itinerary for the Villarrica portion of the trip.

Sunday, 9/7

  • Arrival from Santiago in the evening

Monday, 9/8

Tuesday, 9/9

Wednesday, 9/10

  • Visit to local projects (aloe vera) and essential oils

Thursday, 9/11

The Mapuche are the indigenous people of this region.  Also click here for more information.


Rio Negro Hornopiren

We will arrive in Puerto Montt on the evening of Thursday, September 11.  In the area of Puerto Montt, course-related activities are planned for Friday, September 12 and Monday, September 15 (and possibly Tuesday, September 16). We will leave for Santiago on the very early morning of September 17, and arrive in Santiago in the late evening of the same day (there is a chance that we will leave on the evening of September 16, travel overnight, and arrive in Santiago early September 17). While in Puerto Montt, we will be staying at the O'Grimm Hotel.