Mammalian Cardiovascular System Photos - part 2


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A normal healthy size.

An unusually large size.


Cat Thoracic Vessels
Heart & Precava

Abnormal "Precava" - brachiocephalics don't join to form precava

Abnormal "precava" - left brachiocephalic attached along dorsal side of heart to enter R atrium

Abnormal "Post Cava" - "iliac" split occurs before renal veins branch off

Pulmonary Artery & Veins (left atrium was been damaged & part of it has been removed)

Pulmonary Artery & Veins


Cat: More Thoracic Region
Arteries - brachiocephalic, R & L subclavians & R & L carotids
Veins - R & L brachiocephalic, R & L subclavians, R & L external jugular


Cat Abdominal Region - Paired Parietal & Visceral Branches

Renal Artery & Vein

Renal vein

Normal Ileolumbar Artery & Vein - Tail & hind legs are to the left.

Ileolumbar A. & V. abnormally close to External Iliac A. - Tail & hind legs are to the right.


Cat Abdominal Region: Unpaired Arteries & Veins
Celiac Artery & Its Branches

Posterior Panceaticoduodenal A. & V.

Hepatic A. & Hepatic Portal Vein - near liver

Branches of the hepatic portal vein (yellow) & hepatic vein (blue) within a cut section of the liver

Hepatic artery next to green bile duct. Gall bladder is above & to the left.

Hepatic portal vein (yellow) below bile duct (green).

Intestinal A. & V.

Intestinal veins are weakly stained in this cat.

Gastrosplenic Vein

Anterior Mesenteric Vein

Posterior Mesenteric Vein

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