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Dogfish Shark Heart & Associated Branchial Blood Vessels
Labeled Shark heart & Ventral Aorta

Ventral view of heart with ventricle pulled anteriorly to expose part of sinus venosus

Ventral views of hearts with ventral aorta & afferent arterioles
Posterior cardinal sinus (blue) visible after lifting up the GI tract & gonads.

Afferent Branchial Arteries - injected with blue latex; Efferent Branchial Arteries injected with red latex
Ventral view

Lateral view - shows gills & efferent arteries

Efferent Branchial Arteries, Dorsal Aorta & Subclavian Arteries

Lateral view with head to the right

Lateral view with the head to the right.

Dogfish Shark: Abdominal Blood Vessels

Celiac & Gastric Arteries - may also show hepatic artery & hepatic portal vein...

Probe is on part of the stomach, the pancreaticomesenteric artery & vein go to the lower right.

Lateral abdominal vein

Gastrosplenic & Anterior Mesenteric Arteries

Posterior Intestinal & Lienomesenteric Veins

Posterior intestinal artery goes to the rectal gland. Iliac artery may be visible near finger?

Posterior Intestinal & Lienomesneteric Veins

Caudal artery (in red) & caudal vein (empty) within hemal canal of caudal vertebrae.


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