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Check out the variation between the different cats dissections.  Click on each image to see the larger version.

Hind Leg & Hip
Medial Views - deep; bisect & pull back gracilis, exposes semimembranosus & adductor femoris.

Lateral Views showing gluteals & biceps femoris; anterior is to the right.

Lateral Views - fascia & muscle of tensor fascia latae has been removed to expose the vastus lateralis.

Medial Views of superficial muscles, sartorius & gracilis

Medial View

Pectoralis Muscles on ventral side of chest
Head to the right

Head to the left


Abdominal Muscles
External oblique & linea alba

Head is to the left, with exposed rectus abdominus muscle fibers by removing part of the linea alba


Dorsal - Lumbar Region
Head is to the left; the lumbodorsal fascia has been removed, in part to expose the large bundles of the longissimus dorsi & the more medial multifidis spinae

Lateral Views - superficial; head to the left; both deltoid muscles are visible & the lower borders of the acromio- & clavotrapezius
Lateral or Dorsal Views - superficial; head to the right; latissimus dorsi & spinotrapezius visible
Head is to the left in this specimen

Dorsal view

Dorsal View - superficial head towards the top; clavotrapezius & acromiotrapezius visible.

Shoulder Dorsal Views; Deep - the acromiotrapezius has been peeled back to expose rhomboideus & serratus ventralis
Head towards the left.

Head towards the left.

Serratus Ventralis - from a lateral view, very deep; latissimus dorsi has been removed, shoulder pulled out to expose posterior part of serratus ventralis.  Head towards the left.

Head towards the right.

Lateral Views - deep; head to the left; acromiotrapezius partially removed to expose supraspinatus, infraspinatus & teres major

Throat & neck - anterior is towards the top of the screen

Ventral view; mylohyoid uncut, & digastric, sternohyoid visible

Ventral views; mylohyoid opened to expose the small geniohyoid, digastric & sternohyoid visible

Lateral view - far lower right shows the masster; a few lymph nodes & salivary glands are also visible

Dorsal view of the head, (facing to the right). Cutaneous muscles were cut to expose the temporalis muscle on the skull.

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