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Testudines (Chelonia)

Turtle Skeleton - Ventral view shows limbs, girdles & hyoid apparatus.

Close-up of pectoral girdle has scapula, coracoid & clavicle.

Close-up of the pelvic girdle with pubis, ischium & ilium.


Rattlesnake Skeleton

Iguana Skeleton - dorsal view pectoral limbs

Iguana - pelvic girdle & hind limbs

Iguana - sternum with a bit of the interclavicle exposed medially.

Varanid cervical vertebrae, includes the axis at far left. The 1st vertebra, the atlas is missing

Iguana Skeleton - lateral view of the pectoral girdle & hyobranchial apparatus

Varanid trunk vertebrae (dorsal view). Locate the prezygapophyses.

Varanid trunk vertebrae (lateral view). Note the large articulation surfaces for the ribs on the transverse processes.

Varanid sacral vertebrae (2).

Varanid caudal vertebrae with large hemal canals within the "chevron" bones.


Alligator skeleton - dorsal view.

Alligator skeleton - lateral view.

Alligator - pectoral girdle bones with scapulae dorsal to the coracoids. The interclavicle is at the right.

Alligator - gastralia or abdominal ribs

Alligator paired humeri at the left & paired femurs on the right.

Alligator lower limbs - The radius & ulna pairs are at the left & the tibia/fibula pairs are at the right along with the 2 largest tarsal bones the astragalus & calcaneus.

Alligator vertebrae & pelvis - Cervical, thoracic, lumbar vertebrae with sacral vert. attached to ilium. Ischium bones face posteriorly & the pubic bones are detached.

Alligator front & hind feet - Parts of some digits are missing & the feet show a few of the carpal or tarsal bones.


Gull Skeleton

Gull Pelvis

Pigeon Skeleton - lateral view

Pigeon Skeleton - frontal view of the pectoral girdle & the wing.

Gull - frontal view of the pectoral girdle & the wing.

Miscellaneous bird furculas (from the fusion of the clavicles & interclavicles).

Humboldt Penguin wing (below) & flattened forearm bones, radius, ulna, carpometacarpus & phalanges (above).

Miscellanous scapula-coracoids. The scapula angle upwards & are thinner & longer than the coracoids.

Miscellanous bird humeri (proximal heads to the left). The top 2 face anteriorly & the bottom 3 face posteriorly.

2 pairs of bird radius-ulna bones.

Bird "trunks" showing ribs, synsacrum & pelvic girdles.

Bird leg bones - 2 unmatched femurs on the far left, paired tibiotarus & fibulas in the center & 2 unmatched tarsometarsi on the right.

Bird dorsal view of cervical vertebrae showing the short neural spine & pre-zygaphyses to the left.

Posterior view of cervical vertebrae with transverse foramina, the heterocoelous centrum & post-zygapophyses

Bird thoracic vertebrae (lower)& caudal vertebrae (upper)

Caudal verterebrae ending in pygostyle.

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