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Vertebrae in plexiglass - the red staining shows some ossification of the cartilage: transverse sectioned above & sagittal sectioned below

Vertebrae in fluid - the 2 uppermost vertebrae are from the trunk region, sectioned transversely to show different views of the notochord in the interior. The lower 3 rows are views of whole, sagittal sectioned & transversely sectioned caudal vertebrae.

Pecotral girdle (scapulocoracoid cartilage) & the left pectoral fin showing basal & radial pterygiophores & brown ceratotrichia.

Shark - wax cast of scapulocoracoid & pectoral fin ptyergiophores; top is anterior view of scapulocoracoid, lower is posterior view of scapulocoracoid

 Males have pelvic fins with claspers

Females have simpler pelvic fins.


Amia Skeleton - anterior portion of skeleton

Amia - posterior portion of skeleton with damaged tail.

Amia pectoral girdle shown ventrally. Note the large, bony cleithrum & small scapulacoracoid cartilage that holds the pectoral fin. Locate the small row of pterygiophores at the base of the fins.

Amia - pelvic girdle, ischiopubic plates float in muscle tissue

Trunk Vertebrae - diverse views

Caudal Vertebrae - Hemal canals on the ventral side of the centrum are usually larger than the neural canals.

Perch Skeleton

Perch ventral view of jaws, hyoid & pelvic girdle (made of ischiopubic pates) & pelvic fins.

Cod pectoral girdle bones, part of the large cleithrum on the left side & the scapula (dorsal) & coracoid (ventral) that hold the fin.

Perch Lateral view of skull. Along the ventral line, note the jaws, hyoid arch, part of the cliethrum & scapula of the pectoral girdle (the coracoid may be missing here). The pelvic girdle & its fins attach to the cleithra.

Perch - angled, interior view of pectoral girdle showing cleithrum, scapula & coracoids.

Cod pelvic girdle made of ischiopubic plates that normally attach to the pectoral girdle at the midline (cleithra).


Frog Skeleton - Dorsal View

Frog Skeleton - Ventral View

Frog vertebral column & pelvis, dorsal view (top) & ventral view (bottom).

Frog pectoral girldes- on the left is a ventral view of pectoral girdle showing sternal elements, clavicles & coracoids. & on the left is a dorsal view of the suprascapulae.

Frog - semi-articulated front limbs

Frog - semi-articulated hind limbs

Necturus Skeleton - Dorsal View

Necturus Skeleton - Ventral View

Necturus vertebrae - Left section shows the dorsal side of vertebrae & exposes 1 set of pre-zygapophyses at the top) & in the right section, the vertebrae are upside-down to see 1 pair of post-zygapophysis facets (at bottom).

Necturus vertebral columns - the upper one is the ventral view & lower one shows dorsal view. Upper column has clearly recognizable sacral vertebra. Both show the atlas (1st & only cervical) vertebra.

Necturus showing single, sacral verteba with enlarged transverse processes & rib still present.

Necturus - dried front (right) & hind limbs (left). Both have girdles attached.

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