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Biology 453

Amniote Skull Photos, part 1

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Sea Turtle - dorsal view

Snapping Turtle - dorsal view

Sea Turtle - anterior view

Snapping Turtle - anterior view

Sea Turtle - lateral view

Snapping Turtle - lateral view

Sea Turtle - ventral view

Snapping Turtle - ventral view

Sea Turtle - posterior view

Snapping Turtle - posterior view, you can locate the thin rods of the columella bones in this view.

Sea turtle skull - posterior view to show part of the slender, broken columella traveling along part of the quadrate.

Sea turtle skull upside down & looking deep along quadrate & then towards otic region to see more of the columella.

Pond turtle - note hyoid or hyobranchial apparatus in throat.

Snapping turtle - lateral view of thin rod of the columella surrounded by quadrate.

Sea Turtle - dorsal view of the lower jaws

Snapping Turtle - dorsal view of the lower jaws

Ventral views of lower jaws of both sea turtle & snapping turtle.

Medial views of the lower jaws of both sea turtle & snapping turtle.


Alligator - lateral view of skull

Alligator - dorsal view of skull

Alligator - posterior view

Alligator - ventral view

Alligator showing quadrate & thin rod of part of the columella (ear ossicle).

Alligator - dorsal view of lower jaws

Alligator - lateral view of labeled lower jaw

Alligator - medial view of labeled lower jaw


Varanid - dorsal view

Boa - dorsal view

Varanid - lateral view

Boa - lateral view

Varanid - ventral view

Boa - ventral view

Varanid - posterior view

Boa - lower jaws

Varanid - lower jaws 1

Rattlesnake - dorsal view

Varanid - lower jaws 2

Rattlesnake - lateral view

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