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Amniote Skull Photos, part 2

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Cat - dorsal view

Cat - ventral view

Cat - lateral view

Cat - posterior view

Cat sagittal views - showing the turbinates (nasal conchae) on the left & the ethmoid plate on the right.

Cat lower jaw - find the coronoid, angular & condyloid processes.

Youngest Kitten Skull - shows the angular ring (dermatocranium) with the malleus (splanchnocranium) inside the ring. The tympanic bulla (new dermatocranium bone) is the small round bump partly underneath & posterior to the angular ring.

Kitten Skulls - series shows growth of tympanic bulla & it's fusion with the angular ring.

Cat Ear Ossicles
  • malleus - far left
  • incus - center
  • stapes - right
Cat Hyoid arch - not in correct anatomical position obviously!


Neonate Human Skull - anterior view, you can still just detect the different origins of the premaxilla & maxilla which will be completely fused in adults.

Adult Human Skull - anterior view

Neonate Human Skull - lateral view

Adult Human Skull - lateral view

Neonate Human Skull - ventral view shows the separate occipital bones

Adult Human Skull - ventral view

Human Ear Ossicles - homologies below
  • malleus - 1st arch splanchnocranium = articular
  • incus - 1st arch splanchnocranium = quadrate
  • stapes - 2nd arch splanchnocranium = columella = hyomandibular
Adult Human Skull - interior view

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