Georgia O'Keeffe, Deer Skull with Pedernal


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Neurocrania - Dorsal & ventral views

Neurocranium & splanchnocranium - Dorsal view: Upper jaw of arch 1 - the palatoquadrate is missing. Locate the hyomandibular cartilage

Neurocranium & splanchnocranium - Ventral view: Upper jaw missing. Locate lower jaw & hyoid arch.


Amia - lateral view , more posterior section of skull

Amia - lateral view, anterior section of skull

Amia - palate & upper jaws; note that the teeth on the premaxilla are larger than the teeth on the maxilla or palatines.

Amia - posterior view showing foramen magnum & single basiooccipital & paired exoccipital bones.


Rockfish - lateral view

Perch - lateral view

Cod - lateral view

Rockfish - ventral (no hyoid)

Perch - hyoid arch

Cod - palatal view

Rockfish - anterior view

Perch - posterior view

Cod - posterior view

Rockfish - posterior view

Perch - girdles visible


Frog - dorsal & ventral views of skull

Frog - lateral view of skull showing more of tympanic ring for ear drum.

Frog - lateral view of skull

Frog - posterior view shows columella

Necturus - dorsal & ventral view of skulls & lower jaw

Necturus - lateral view of skull

Necturus - dorsal view of "neurocranium" showing the ossifying quadrate in red (central), ossifying occipitals (posterior) & the otic capsules in lighter green to the left.

Necturus - ventral views showing hole where columella should be in upper skull.

Necturus - more dorsal views

Necturus - showing the dried cartilages of the hyoid & branchial arches

Necturus - posterior views showing occipital condyles & foramen magnum.

Necturus - dorsal views of skulls with dried gills.

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