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Cat Urinary System
Cat kidney with ureter exiting to the right

Cat kidney with visible adrenal gland, ureter, renal artery & renal vein

Cat kidney sectioned; identify renal cortex, renal medulla & (small) renal pelvis.

Abnormally large, single kidney (no kidney formed on other side of body).


Abnormal Kidney after sectioning shows has 2 renal pyramids.

Male cat's urethra extending to the right, with stretched bladder to the left

Female cat urinary bladder (slightly enlarged uterus extends L & R behind bladder)

Male cat - dorsal side of urinary bladder, ureter (crossing over blunt probe) & vas deferens (white ducts, on R & L, one is held by forceps)

Miscellaneous Mammalian Kidneys
Sheep Kidney

Rabbit Kidney

Dall Porpoise KIdney (lobular design) & ureter


Male Reproductive System: Bull
Tunica albuginea pulled away from part of the testes

Cremaster muscle (skeletal muscle from the external obliques) relaxation moves scrotum further from body when testes are too warm)

Testis & vas deferens is the narrow duct on the left.

Pampiniform plexus (cardiovascular countercurrent heat exchanger in spermatic cord)

Epididymis (left) & vas deferens (thinner tube on the right) on the testes

Testis & epididymis

Male Reproductive System: Cat
Cat testes & epididymis visible on (upper) L side & testes & vas deferens visible on (lower) R side. Note the pampiniform plexus readily visible next to the vas deferens.

Cat scrotum opened with testes, vas deferens & tunica albubinea visible

Cat prostate gland (just below & to the left of the pin insertion. The spermatic cord is the whitish cylinder above the urethra.

Cat bulbourethral gland (the 2 round structures just to the left of the probe).


Cat penis

Female Reproductive System & Embryos: Pig
Ovary hidden within infundibulum of Fallopian/uterine tube

Ovary - at ovulation, 1 rupture & 1 egg ready

Ovary - entire (the large round masses within it are probably corpora lutea

Bisected ovary with at least 2 large corpora lutea (far R & L of probe tip).

Uterus - early pregnancy, cervix is at the bottom, center

Pig uterus - Fallopian/uterine tube leading into uterus
Early embryos, 1 has amniotic sac around it. The liver is the large grey mass in the mid-ventral part of the body.

 Larger embryo with diffuse placenta

Female Reproductive System & Embryos: Goat
Bicornuate uterus - pregnant

Cotyledonary placenta

Uterine cervix

Ovary on Uterine wall

Female Reproductive System: Rabbit
Female repro. tract

Urogenital sinus - with vagina & necrotic bladder

Ovary is the small, bean shaped mass in the center.

Paired cervices in duplex uterus

Female Reproductive System: Non-pregnant Cat
Uterine Horn

Ovary & Fallopian tube

Urogenital sinus
The probe is hear the exit of urine from the urethra. Below that, is the common exit for urinary & reproductive systems the urigenital sinus.

The urethra is the narrow tube running along the right. Part of the vagina is cut open on the left. The larger, darker space at the bottom is the urogenital sinus.


Female Reproductive System: Pregnant Cat
Pregnant female reproductive tract & urinary bladder removed from the body.

Near term uterus fills much of the abdominal cavity. She had 5? kittens.

Early pregnancy - uterus shows enlarged compartments for 4 embryos.

Interior of uterus showing zonary placentae region (the blue latex marks the veins going to it) This may be a post-partum uterus? or very early pregnancy stage.

The mammary glands rund from the thoracic region to the pelvis.

A closer view of mammary tissue.


Female Reproductive System: Embryo, Placentas & Extraembryonic Membranes
Early embryo - amnion still around embryo, placenta opened

Zonary placentae - upper one has part of chorioallantois torn to reveal amnion

Early zonary placentae

Kitten in uterine horn with zonary placenta partly peeled from uterine wall

Kitten has chorionallantois partly removed on the left by the forceps with blue probe lifting up a bit of the amnionic sac deep to that chorion.

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