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Chondrichthyes: Urinary Systems
Shark - Opisthonephros Kidney

Skate - Opisthonephros Kidney is the flat, grayish mass against the body wall.

External Reproductive Characters

Dogfish Shark - male pelvic fins & claspers

Skate - male pelvic fins with claspers

Shark - female pelvic fins

Skate - female pelvic fins

Dogfish Shark Male

Large testes (also shows celia artery)

Testes lifted to show the epididymis (just in front of probe) Epididymis was exposed by removal of the parietal peritoneum.

Testes & epididymis (also shows celiac artery & posterior cardinal sinus)

Vas deferens & seminal vesicle

Testes, epididymis (near probe) & vas deferens

Seminal vesicle above the opisthonephros kidney

Vas deferens & Leydig gland (alongside & underneath vas deferens) is kidney tissue that has been taken over by male reproductive tract.

Male cloaca & urogenital papilla

Sperm Sac

Siphon (below skin on claspers)

Female Reproductive System: Dogfish Shark

Ovary & shellgland

Damaged Ovary (eggs have been removed) & shell gland

Ovary with some small, developing eggs

Oviduct & uterus (slightly enlarged)

Imature eggs from the damaged ovary above

Dogfish - oviduct & uterus

Dogfish - oviducts near dorsal aorta

Dogfish female urogenital papilla

Dogfish falciform ligament is enlarged & forms the ostium or opening into oviduct

Female Reproductive Systems: Misc. Chondrichthyes
Skate - ovary & oviduct

Salmon Shark - right ovary of a large viviparous species

Salmon Shark - shell gland may be used to store sperm

Skate - shell gland is much larger than the shellgland in dogfish sharks because skates are oviparous.

Salmon shark dorsal view of ovaries & uteri

Salmon shark - ventral view of ovaries & uteri - ovaries to the right, only 1 functional

Salmon shark - posterior openings into uteri

Chondrichthyes:  Embryos & Egg Cases
Young dogfish shark embryo & yolk sac

More mature dogfish shark, embryo & yolk sac

Skate embryo - very early stage

Skate Egg case - opened

Skate embryo - later stage - coming soon

More mature skate embryo & yolk sac

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