CHSTU 340, Spring 2006
Latina/o Theater

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Instructor: Michelle Habell-Pallan

Office: 517 Padelford
Office Hours: T.Th. 12-1:30 and by appointment
Telephone: 543 6363

Images of Latinas and Latinos in the 1980s

To view images of Latinas/os in the 1980s collected by students in the Spring 2004 course, click above.

Erin Collins

I found one site with tweleve images. Harry Gamboa Jr.'s photography. Harry Gamboa

Liz Erber

Josue Q. Estrada

Here are my two websites. Timeline Nagia

Season Luben

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for. But, hey it was my best shot. Chips Sade

Blanca Martinez

Here are the websites I found showing Latinos in the 1980s. Laura Molina -I like this one because it's sooo 80s! Zoot -This one is interesting because it's a clip that was created in the 80's and is 80's in nature, but the performers are dressed in zoot suits.

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