Lab Reports

Guide Lines

One week after each job is done, you are expected to submit a professionally written report. The first lab is not a group work lab, but the rest of the labs are. One report per student is required for the first lab. For the rest of the labs, one report is required per group. Please note:

The lab report will consist of a cover page, a cover letter, a table of contents, and the following sections:

The major part of the grade will be assigned to the depth of your understanding of the lab procedures and objectives. The quality of the report is another part that is greatly considered. On the other hand, the quality of the work is not graded. Your grade will not be affected if your results are far off as long as you know that they are off. If you think that there is something wrong, you are not supposed to re-do the work, instead you are supposed to add a conclusion section and write down what seems to be the problem and your best estimate of the reasons. Failure to mention that there is something wrong will affect your grades.