Important Information



·              You are welcome to ask questions during my office hours and out of my office hours. If you need help ask wherever you find me.

·              If you try and could not get help, please e-mail or call for an appointment.

·              If my door is closed and you need help, feel free to knock on the door and ask for assistances. I will apologize if I really cannot help at that time.



·        All labs except for the first lab, are “group work”

·        Bring an umbrella to all the labs TO COVER THE INSTRUMENT. Labs will not be canceled because of rain.

·        Read lab handouts BEFORE coming to the labs. You may save valuable time by doing computations before the lab.

·        No late lab reports will be accepted.

·        Please fill the “Peer Evaluation” form included in the course packet only if you believe that one of your colleagues did not participate enough. At the end of the quarter, I will consider the forms that point to a certain student. In addition, I will give higher weight to the evaluation of the group leaders.



·        Lecture slides are not meant to be comprehensive, I may add to them during my lectures.

·        This is a fast class; you will be given a wide range of material over a short period of time. Missing few lectures may be very hard to understand later.

·        The textbook is chosen to help you understand lecture material deeper, and explore more subjects. I will use some other sources and will mainly rely on my lectures and labs to write exams.



·        A good part of the exam is “True or False”. That is useful to cover almost all the subjects we discussed. You will be asked about every subject.

·        I will not ask you to define or prove any concept.

·        I will give you the front page of each exam ahead of the exam, this way you know what equations and information given.



·        No late homework will be accepted, the answer will be posted soon after the deadline.

·        There will be at least one homework each week. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE DEADLINE.

·        No homework left anywhere else but the designated locker will be accepted. Any assignments left in my mailbox or in my office will be returned un-graded.

·        The answers will be posted on the web or by my door.

·        Answers do not have to be typed, handwriting is accepted except for the situations when you are directed otherwise.


Extra Work

Please read the page on the web about what and when I expect the extra work. No late work will be accepted.

You do not have to do extra work. Not doing it will not affect your grade, I add grades for the extra work after I assign all the grades.