Extra Work

Purpose: The purpose of the extra work is to make the class more challenging to the students, to add flexibility to class material, to emphasize the group work spirit, and to give the students a chance to improve their grade.

Grade: The extra work will get a maximum grade of 10% of the total class grade.

How long: This is a quarter long work. Students may be asked to give a presentation before the mid term, as well as a short presentation before the final exam.

Ideas: Students are free to choose any topic related to or can serve Surveying, but not included in CIVE316. For example:

Project ideas are not limited to the above mentioned examples. Students may propose any suitable idea and discuss it with the instructor.

Deadline: The extra work is expected to start in the third week of the class, and be done by the end of the last lab.

Remarks: Extra work is a group work. It could be an individual work if a student desires. Help with the extra work will be limited to guiding the students to the proper tools ( software or instrument ). Students are expected to take the challenge and learn on their own.