Final Term Project

Computational Methods in Linguistics (Bender/Wassink)


The final project for this course will ideally be integrated into larger research endeavors that students are already engaged in. Students are expected to reflect on how their current research questions can be addressed with computational methods and linguistic databases. We will include time in class discussions for brainstorming about term project topics, resources, and methodologies.

Given the short time frame, we expect these projects to involve the exploitation of existing resources rather than collection, curation and/or annotation.

Write up

Final projects should be written up in short (~10 page) papers, which include the following sections:

Also to turn in

In addition to the written report, you will be expected to turn in any scripts, results files, etc. that you created in the process of doing the project.

Interim project report

We have an interim deadline of May 2nd to turn in an interim project report. That interim report should include draft versions of the Hypothesis, Resources, Methodology, and Results sections described above as well as a Discussion section in which you describe any issues or difficulties you are currently facing.


Date Milestone
4/6Project proposal/define research question
4/18List of relevant resources (databases)
5/7 (rescheduled)Interim project report
5/23, 5/30In-class presentation
6/6Project write-up due