Laboratory Exercise 8

Computational Methods in Linguistics (Bender/Wassink)


Due 6/1 (Note: you have an additional week to complete this lab)

Explore your datasets

At this point in the quarter, you have chosen a research question on which to focus for your term project. You have located one or more corpora of interest that contain data appropriate for addressing your research question, and you have carefully considered how these data will be annotated. You have also figured out a method for extracting the tokens of interest from that dataset. In this lab, we want to explore the structure of the dataset further. Your lab work will be focused on generating exploratory statistics, to show the general properties of your dataset.

You may do your work in any software program with which you are familiar (e.g., SPSS, R, Python, etc.). Here is the R code for the simple examples used in class.

Summary Descriptives

To turn in