Health Services 572/573 • Community Development for Health

Spring Quarter 2009

Thought Essays Due Weekly

By 7 PM on each Sunday, in preparation for the class discussions in the Monday session, each student should prepare a short essay (one page more than two pages) reflecting on the readings. Some components of this essay could include: 1) areas where the readings pertain to the Tent City project or some organizational experience you've had; 2) areas where the authors of the articles or chapters you're reading appear to agree or disagree; or 3) current events that pertain to the readings. After you have done all the readings, this is your chance to put to paper what you got from the readings. Be creative and make you postings interesting .

General Instructions: We're looking for short, crisp, dense, smart essays. Think of this as doing your exams as you go along, instead of having midterms or a final! Post your thought piece at the Community Development Catalyst site so that we can all see what all the students have written.


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