Quiz: Female Cycle

Refer to the figure at right. The dotted lines marked with letters represent particular times during the cycle. Type in the letter for the time that best matches the descriptions below. Note that letters may be used more than once (or in some cases, there may be more than one correct answer).

Fill in choice Correct False Correct Answer hormone graph quiz
1. Estrogen is inhibiting gonadotropin secretion (negative feedback effect).
2. Estrogen stimulates gonadotropin secretion (positive feedback effect).
3. This time corresponds to dominant follicle selection.
4. This time corresponds to the first day of menstruation.
5. Granulosa cells proliferate in response to FSH only, not LH.
6. Granulosa cells respond to both FSH and LH.
7. Negative feedback by both estrogen and progesterone prevents ovulation.
8. Corpus luteum is degenerating.
9. Gonadotropin levels rise due to release from negative feedback inhibition.
10. Progesterone promotes secretion by endometrial glands.
11. Estrogen promotes proliferation in the endometrium.
12. This time corresponds to rupture of the dominant follicle.