Quick Quiz: Language and Memory

Review your lecture notes and the Disorders section of the outline to answer the following questions:

Fill-in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
1. Name the specific term for a disorder in language production.
2. Which of the following disorders is most likely to be accompanied by paralysis on the right side?[amnesia; Wernicke's aphasia; global aphasia]
3.  Name the area of the brain that is is damaged in a patient with receptive aphasia
4. Name the language area that is located in the frontal lobe.
5. Name the specific term for the disorder that occurred in H.M. following surgical removal of the hippocampus from both sides of his brain.
6. The hippocampus is necessary for which of the following? [working memory; long-term memory storage; long-term memory consolidation; all of the above]
7. Name the term that denotes conscious memory for facts, places and events.
8. H.M. showed improvement on the mirror drawing task.  This showed that he still retained to ability to form what type of new memory?

(Spelling must be correct)