Quiz: Nutrient Homeostasis

Consult the figure and review your notes on metabolic regulation to answer the following questions.

Fill-in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
1. Name the two energy stores produced in the liver.
2. Triacylglycerol produced in the liver travels through the circulation packaged in ______.
3. Which of the following types of cells DOES NOT readily metabolize fatty acids during the postabsorptive state? [skeletal muscle cell, adipocyte, liver cell, neuron, fibroblast].
4. Insulin stimulates glucose uptake by increasing the number of ________ on the cell membrane.
5. What type of neuron stimulates insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells?  Be specific.
6. Name the hormone that stimulates the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase.
7. Which of the following increases in the circulation as a result of hormone-sensitive lipase stimulation? [insulin, glucagon, glucose, fatty acids, VLDL]
8. Which of the following is normally associated with an increase in hepatic glucose production? [insulin, glucagon, absorptive state, glycogen synthesis, VLDL synthesis]
9. Name a hormone that inhibits glucagon secretion.

(Spelling must be correct)

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