Quick Quiz: Gastrointestinal motility

Fill-in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
1. Name the basic propulsive movement in the GI tract.
2. Which of the following inhibits stomach emptying? [gastrin; chyme in the stomach; chyme in the duodenum]
3. The above example describes _________ [cephalic phase; gastric phase; intestinal phase] regulation.
4.  An excitatory input to stomach smooth muscle will _______ [increase; decrease; not change] the frequency of peristaltic contractions in the stomach.
5.  The strength of smooth muscle contractions in the stomach depends on the frequency of _________ [slow waves; action potentials] in the smooth muscle.
6.  Name the term for the bidirectional movement that mixes chyme in the small intestine.
7.  When does the above pattern of motility occur?
8. Name the term for the segment of peristaltic activity that travels down the stomach and small intestine during the interdigestive period.
9. Which of the following turns on segmentation in the small intestine? [mass movement; bile salts; cephalic phase stimuli; motilin; migrating motor complex]
10. In what part of the GI tract does a mass movement occur?

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