Quick Quiz

Fill in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
1. Name the type of channel protein that allows water to rapidly cross the plasma membrane.
2. Name an ion for which there is NEVER an ungated ion channel.
3. What normally opens the channel that is opened by capsaicin?
4. The two factors that affect the flow of an ion through an open channel are the concentration gradient and the _________________.
5. Name the ion that moves through the CFTR channel.
6. Which of the following proteins binds ATP? [sodium-glucose cotransporter; voltage-gated Na+ channel; glucose transporter; CFTR]
7. What two substances must bind to the protein that moves glucose out of the lumen of the small intestine?
8. Name the protein that consumes about a third of all ATP at rest.
9. What type of transport is responsible for moving Ca++ out of the cytosol?

(Spelling must be correct)