Blood Cells and Bone Marrow

Based on your class notes, webpages, and the "Disorders and Terminology" section of your lecture outline , see how you can do on the questions below:


QUESTION: How can a "bone marrow transplant" be done without anesthesizing the donor and removing bone marrow from the ilium?

QUESTION: What is a lymphoma and what are some typical symptoms?

QUESTION: Extracellular fluid has two components, the blood plasma and interstitial fluid. Roughly how large is each?

QUESTION: An injured football player turns out to have a ruptured spleen, which is thus removed. What's the prognosis for this patient without a spleen?

QUESTION: Dasatinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor used to treat leukemia. What type of reaction does it inhibit?

Fill in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
What is the term for the layer of flat cells that forms a capillary wall?
What type of lymphoid tissue are tonsils? Give abbreviation.
What type of blood cell is infected in mononucleosis?
What normally is the substance found is blood plasma, but not interstitial fluid?

(Spelling must be correct)
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