Respiratory Disorders: Quiz

After you have worked on the respiratory disorders on the previous web pages, your lecture notes and on the outline, see how you do on the following:

Quick Quiz

Fill in Answer Correct False Correct Answer
What term refers to the collapse of a lung?
What class of arachidonic acid derivative (eicosanoid) appears to be most important in asthma?
What type of cell in the lung appears to be the most important source of the anti-proteases? (as discussed in class)
Is a disorder with low lung compliance and low forced vital capacity (FVC) termed obstructive or restrictive?
What class of antibodies binds to Fc receptors on mast cells, thereby promoting the inflammation in asthma?
What type of cell secretes surfactant?
What respiratory disorder features granulomas, especially in the hilar region, and likely has an autoimmune basis?
What substance is lacking in infant respiratory distress syndrome?
Does the compliance of the respiratory system increase or decrease in COPD?
What type of helper T cell seems to be most important in asthma?
What term refers to inflammation in the paranasal sinuses?
What type of inflammatory paracrine is reduced if a patient is given a drug to block lipoxygenase?
In what disorder is an inhaled, long-acting anticholinergic drug given?

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