Conj 532 - Signal Transduction:
From the cell membrane to the nucleus


Announcements: 2015 Class starts on Wednesday, Nov 2 at 12:30 PM, in Room T-739, once you are signed up you can see the 2015 schedule on your Canvas page. It will be similar to last years schedule. See you then!

Welcome to the Course web page for Conj532 - 2015 - Signal Transduction: From the cell membrane to the nucleus - Fall Quarter 2013

Course Administration: The course will be administrated by Drs. Joe Beavo (F404), Dan Storm (J681F) and staff in the Department of Pharmacology in the Health Sciences Bldg. Any comments or questions about the course can be directed to Drs. Beavo or Storm. Instructors also include Dr John Scott

Lectures: 12:30 - 1:20 P.M., Room T-739
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Nov 2 - Dec 11, 2015

FINAL EXAM: Likely to be December 17th at 8:30 AM, T-739

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Signaling Web Site Login

After accessing this web site, please follow the instructions given by the instructor.

Please note, your grade will be 50% determined by a final exam and 50% determined by answers to a weekly question you will be asked to submit. These questions will be based partly on lecture material and partly on papers that you will be asked to read. It is OK to discuss ideas about questions with your classmates; however, we want you to write your own answers ultimately using your own ideas and words. Direct plagarism is highly discouraged. Each answer is worth 25 points. There likely will be 4 questions total during this mini quarter. As mentioned, the answers to these questions will count for 50% of your grade so take them seriously. Zeros for even a single question do not average well for your grade :-) ! However, concise answers are encouraged and those longer than 1 page may be given a lower score.



There will be no required textbook for the course although you may find Cooper's "The Cell" or Lodish's "Molecular Cell Biology" or Pollard's "Cell Biology" helpful if you do not have a good background in signal transduction. We expect the students to have a basic understanding of biochemistry and cell biology as one would get in a typical 400 level undergraduate course on the subject. Each week a series of several research papers and/or reviews will be assigned. Students are expected to read these manuscripts BEFORE class.


Handouts containing abbreviated versions of parts of the material to be covered will be given out for most lectures and be available on the Web site. Often these will contain outline copies of the slides used in lecture particularly if they are not included in the assigned reading papers. Where possible, pdf reprints of relevant papers will also be provided at the course Web site ( ).

Discussion sessions:

Every few lectures the instructor will include as part of their lecture a discussion of a new and/or somewhat controversial series of papers in the area being covered. The students will be given the papers during the week before the lecture and also a series of questions related to them.  They will be expected to hand in answers to these study questions at the BEGINNING of the discussion lecture. The answers are to be typed and no longer than 1 page (double spaced, 12 pt font, 0.7 inch margins). These written answers will be used as the basis for 50% of the final grade in the course. Part of the class time will be devoted to discussion of possible answers to the questions. Note, often times more than one correct answer is possible.


There will be one major exam, the final. This exam will be in the form of short answer essay questions. The exam this year likely will be held Dec 17 at 8:30 AM (right now scheduled for T-739) during the finals week. Because of the essay format, it is unlikely that final grades will be available immediately. This exam time may change so keep tuned!


Grades will be based on the cumulative results of the discussion questions and on the final exam. The final will count for 50% of the grade and the cumulative written analysis for 50%.


Dr. Joe Beavo - F404A, 543-4006

Dr. Daniel Storm - J681F, 543-7028

Dr. Shao-En Ong

Dr. John Scott - K-336B, 616-3340



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