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Nancy Maizels

Ray Monnat






Genome Sciences


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Conjoint 538, Winter Quarter 2004

Weeks 1-5, January 6 - February 6
Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30-9:45

H562 HSB, U.W. Medical School
Instructors: Nancy Maizels and Ray Monnat

We will study the pathways used by mammalian cells to maintain genomic stability and prevent the development of malignancy. The emphasis will be on current literature and recent advances in this very active area of human disease research. Lectures in Weeks 1-4 will discuss repair and recombination pathways, considering how they respond to environmental DNA damage; how they function in normal development and activation of B and T lymphocytes; and their temporal and spatial regulation within the nucleus. The course will culminate with a series of Minisymposia, at which each student will briefly describe how a recent paper has showed us about functions of specific genes and proteins in mammalian DNA repair and recombination.