CSS 263 - Programming and Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2009

Prof. Michael Stiber

This course introduces you to the idea of levels of abstraction in problem solving and software development. It does this in three ways: by introducing mathematical formalisms to model problems and manipulate possible solutions, by developing design strategies and patterns (algorithms and data structures) that are language independent, and by introducing you to a new object-oriented programming language (C++).


November 17, 2009: Written homework 2 is now on the assignments page and our updated schedule is actually up-to-date.

October 25, 2009: Program 0 grades are up in the class grade book. Remember, I can't leave comments for you in the grade book software, so I've left them in Collect It, under your program 0 submission are. If you're not sure about anything relevant to program grading, now would be an excellent time to ask and remove all doubt!

October 12, 2009: I've updated our links to the left to include an additional online C++ reference, plus a link to a page written by Prof. Zander to help Java programmers move to C++.

October 11, 2009: If you've got an hour, check out a talk by Bjarne Stroustrup on "50 years of C++", at the ACM website (unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a direct link; right now it is the most recent video, but at some point you'll need to look around for it on that page).

September 30, 2009: I believe that everything on this web site is ready to go. Let me know if I'm mistaken. See you today at 1:15!

September 8, 2009: I've cleared out all of the old material from this site. There should be a lot of broken links.Stay tuned for the fall 2009 stuff.