Computing & Software Systems 342:
Mathematical Principles of Computing
Online Discussion Rubric

This rubric presents four areas in which your contributions to online discussions will be evaluated. You may submit either individual postings (if they are of a high enough quality such that they meet these criteria by themselves, without surrounding context) or posting threads (if your contribution to the thread, over multiple postings, is substantive). These criteria, with obvious modifications, will also be used for new wiki entries.





Critical Thinking

Rudimentary; superficial; off-topic; incorrect; no analysis or insight displayed

Substantial, correct information; thought, insight, and analysis has taken place; lacks full development of concept, detail, or thought

Rich in content; full of thought, insight, and analysis


No new ideas; “I agree with…” statement

New ideas or connections; lacks depth and/or detail

New ideas; made with depth and detail

Promptness & Initiative

Lack of participation; rare participation and/or several days late; does not contribute to discussion

Substantive responses within thread within 24 hour period that carry discussion forward

Initiates substantive discussion; contributes valuable new information

Clarity & Mechanics

Posts long, unorganized or rude content that may contain multiple errors or may be inappropriate

Contributes valuable information to discussion with minor clarity or mechanics errors

Contributes to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical or spelling errors