CSS343 Winter 2006 Assignments

Week 1
We will try to start things up as rapidly as possible, and of course this means that whoever leads things off will have less time to prepare. All of us should read chapter 4 of the Weiss textbook, plus the readings linked from the class blog, by Thursday, 1/5. Also, by 1/5, please submit hard copy of a photo of yourself with your name written on it and sign up for a Blogspot user name and email it to me so I can put you on the list of people who can post to the class blog. To ease the rush, two people will be responsible for leading the OO design/programming discussion; you will be selected during class. Besides the obvious (OOP history, C++ implementation), please go beyond the assigned readings to include information about different languages' choices in implementing OOP and OOP versus OO design. Break the topic up into two parts: one part for 1/5 and one part for 1/10.
Week 2
Hopefully, we will have a list of potential projects and can reoganize our topic list, if necessary. Stay tuned.
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