Capstone Deliverable's Content

Talk to your advisor about what the reporting requirements he or she has for you. If you are doing an industry-sponsored internship, you may not be able to list specific deliverables and will list generic reports. If you know what you will deliver, then list the specifics as the deliverables instead of generic reports. These reports will be of various frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly) and complexity. Regardless, here are some general guidelines regarding reports that you may find helpful.

When doing research or a project, you give deliverables on the specifics of your work. These will be detailed information. If you are doing an industry-sponsored capstone, deliverables are often different from research or doing a project as details may be proprietary information. Give context to whatever information is relayed in reports. Reports may include:

The reports/deliverables don't need to be long, just clear. Meta-information helps as well, especially in the final report which often includes reflection on your experience. For example, describe: