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CSS 442 - Object-Oriented Prog and Design (Fall 2006)

This class focuses on object-oriented programming and design of applications, such as are commonly used in industry. While Java is the language used in this course, and you do much with Java, it is not specifically a Java course. We are exposed to many of the packages in the Java library of classes and will develop a GUI application. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) will be used as a design methodology. Design Patterns are introduced. A translation tool for parsing is introduced.

Links to Course Information:
Course Syllabus        
Schedule (Labs and some course notes are linked from the schedule.)
Sample Code
Social Styles and Audience
UML Information
Useful Design Pattern links:   Design Patterns Home Page    

Useful Java links:
Using jdk and make DOS look like unix
Java Development Environments
Java Coding Standard
JavaWorld recommends ... A Good Layout Manager

Java Class Overview with index
Everything you ever wanted to know about Java
Spec is useful:   Java Language Specification
Java Swing Tutorial ... and ... Java GUI Tutorials ... and ... Lots of Java Training Stuff
Index to Swing example code
Visual index to Swing Components
Summary of Event Listeners ... and ... Layout Managers

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