EDTEP 586, Autumn Quarter 2004
Teaching Science in the Secondary School

Class Notes

Week 1 Notes- Science as Inquiry 

Critter Activity PowerPoint

Critter Activity Lesson Plan

Representing Data

Technology Section: PowerPoint

                            3 Levels of Technology Use

Week 2 Notes- Learning Objectives & Culturally Responsive Science Teaching

Objectives & Goals PowerPoint

Objectives for science as inquiry

Assignment: Cultural K-12 Autobiography

Reading: Culturally Responsive Science Teaching handout

Technology Section: Web based applications

Week 3 Notes- Eliciting Student Ideas

Strategy 1 Eliciting Student Responses Guidelines

Sample Lesson Plan

Pulley Pictures

Feedback on Eliciting Student Ideas

Technology Section: Excel spreadsheets

                              Brain Size, Air Pollution, Cereals, Heart Rate, Lynx, Pools & Wood, Spartina, PIT tag                               sample graphs                            

Week 4 & 7 Notes- Guided Exploration & Modeling

Strategy 2 Guided Exploration Strategy Guidelines

Guided Exploration Sample Lesson Plan

Group Clip Art

Pulley Data

Reading: Model Building Paper

Feedback on Guided Exploration

Technology Sections: Science simulations & Modeling I & II

                              Simulations & Modeling

Week 5-6 Field Experience

What to watch for in a science classroom?

Week 8-9 Notes- Interactive Concept Building

Strategy 3 Interactive Concept Building Guidelines

Sample Concept Building Lesson Plan

Another Concept Building Lesson Plan

Another Concept Building Lesson Plan

Interactive Concept Building PowerPoint

Feedback on Eliciting Student Ideas

Technology Section: Webpage Design

Week 10-11 Notes- 3 strategies & inquiry & Developing Groups of Science Learners

Synthesis of 3 teaching strategies 

Washington State EALRS

Reading: Designing group work in science classrooms

Designing group work guide to action

Feedback on GROUP Guided Exploration

Technology Sections: PowerPoint presentations for inquiry projects, digital cameras & videocameras


Strategy 4 Skill Building

Sample Lesson Plan Skill Building

Finch Exercise for teaching modeling

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